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16th July - 14th August 2022

Private View: 15th July 5 - 8 pm

Rye, positioned at the edge of the land, was once an island itself until a mighty storm changed the shape of the coastline. 

Our local area boasts a variety of rivers, gravel pits, ponds, and beaches for all to enjoy. 

Water plays the starring role in our local scenery, from the craggy cliff edges of Pett Level, and the amusing seafront at Hastings, to the desolation of the Dungeness peninsula.  

We flock to the water to sit by,  exercise in, fish, play, and splash in.

 Throughout the seasons of the year, we are drawn to its watery seduction, we lose ourselves in its expanse. 

Our planet is covered by 71 percent of water, 97 percent of which is salt.

Two-thirds of the remaining water is inaccessible and frozen, so the three percent we share should be valued and protected.

 In this exhibition, we celebrate the value and joy of water! 

Vital to all of life on Earth, we celebrate our greatest resource here!

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