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Amy Devlin is a self-taught artist, initially training in textile and fashion design at Northland Polytechnic, in her native New Zealand, but returning to her first love of painting over 10 years ago. Her signature body of work explores the interaction between the human body and water, capturing reflection, movement and light in vivid detail on canvas.

Each year she embarks on photography shoots, usually in summer, taking thousands of underwater images to develop a catalogue of ideas to build on, develop and distil. This extensive and thoughtful process normally produces a small number of work each year due to the intricate and laborious painting techniques that Amy uses to create depth and realism in her works. While the focus and influence of these photographs often drives her down a distinct creative path, she has always been eager to depict how the human body sits, moves and interplays with water, in a way she calls “unnaturally natural”.

Amy’s focus on one medium and subject doesn’t stifle the range of atmospheres in her work. Some pieces are bright and optimistic in tone, imposing electric blues and hot pinks on the viewer, while others are darker and softer in mood and palette.

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