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One eye sees, the other feels (Paul Klee)
As an expressive painter, words, ideas and emotions are what inspire me. ‘Seeing words’ is a type of synaesthesia which offers an additional dimension to my experience of the world. Imagery is common to both art and literature.

Working in oils, acrylics and mixed media, collage forms an integral part of the process and the torn paper allows me to convey what I see and what I feel in the moment.

Noticing recently that my compositions contain a strong sense of movement, I used animation to enhance this effect to create a series of moving paintings. These will be sold as unique stand-alone pieces on framed monitors.

In 2019 I was shocked to hear on a trip to Iceland that due to ice melt the amazing waterfalls might cease to be and also alarmed that the iconic Cuckmere view was in danger. Studies made in situ led first to oil paintings and ultimately these moving paintings.

One ultimate aim is to use my work to move people both figuratively and literally, offering shared experiences and emotions as a form of therapy through art.
Rowena McWilliams

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