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‘I want people to see themselves at the beach or feel they have seen those people
darting into the sea, chatting waterside or flinging their arms up in joy. I invite them
to recognise and celebrate themselves in my paintings.’
Hastings artist Samantha Guertin takes her inspiration from the rich and varied land
and seascapes of East Sussex.
Originally from London, Samantha completed her foundation at Wimbledon and
subsequent BA (Hons) degree at Camberwell School of Art, London. In her early
twenties she left her London studio to travel and work first in Brazil and then in
Madrid. The landscapes produced during her five years in Spain set her on a more
painterly path away from her original discipline of ceramic sculpture.
In the mid nineties she returned to the UK, and in 2008 moved to Hastings, drawn by
the vibrant artistic community in the area. She is part of the long tradition of those
who have been inspired by the sea and the surrounding East Sussex countryside.
Principally a painter of land/seascapes working in acrylics and oil, both in the studio
and plein air , Samantha has more recently become interested in portraying the
experiences of people who swim in this part of the UK coastline. Her work is intense
and energetic with layers of painterly activity both hidden and visible. ‘For me it is
important that the image exudes the feeling of the moment - be it the rolling waves,
the joy of being in the water or swimmers just being lost in their own thoughts as
they stand by the sea.’
These paintings are predominantly a response and homage to the sea and those
who interact with it, beside it and in it. The intention is to capture the essence of the
scene, inviting the viewer to share this vision.
Samantha is a member of Hastings Art Forum and of SoCo (South Coast Artists), and
exhibits regularly in East Sussex. Her work can also be seen on her website

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