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Open Call

Alan Woollett, Robert Dingle, Alexandra Suvurova, Dan Cimmermann, Andy Sylvester, Anirban Mishra, Caroline Fraser, Cathy Hayes, Chantele Kennedy, Charli Morachnick, Ariba, Christopher Idoko, Clare Millen, David Slack, Day Bowman, Dot Hill, Elle Nelson, Emily Tull, Fi Brown, Fiona Morley, Francesca Apicella, Georgina Davenport, Hanna Salomonsson, Harriet Ferris, Hattie Malcomson, Helen Barnard, Hio Rain, Jane Lee, Jane Price, Janet Keith, Jason Lee Reynolds, Jenny McIlhatton, John Meikle, Joshua Daniels, Julian Hanshaw, Katherine Allen, Lesley Greening- Lasofff, Louise Rieger, Luana Asiata, Marigold Plunkett, Mark Dyball, Mark Oliver, Michal Semczyszyn, Michelle Okines, Neil Giles, Patrick O’Donnell, Rachael Harman, Rowena McWilliams, Sal Jones, Scott Garrett, Serap Sahin, Sheena Vallely, Silas Oo, Steve Thompson, Sue Hicks, Sue Ransley, Trevor Burgess, Syeda Unab Sumble, Zel Hunt

21.05.22 - 19.06.22

We are proud to present our inaugural open call Exhibition.
Our call went out back in January and to our delight, we had a global response from both established and emergent Artists.The panel then had the pleasure of narrowing down our choices from the hundreds of submissions. The final selection come from a broad range of disciplines; Painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, glass, embroidery, mixed discipline & photography.We hope you will enjoy visiting this diverse and exciting collection of national and international works of art.

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