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Julia Swaby

22.10.21 - 19.11.21

These works have been built in many layers of oil glaze. Some have charcoal including and others have some gilt work. The oils are applied in fantail brushwork to remove any hard edges as the intention is to render an ethereal quality to the works.
One of the most important motifs in my work is the representation of light as a divine force. For example in Deai, where there is an explicit depiction of a divine encounter.
Turquoise and orange are often used in oriental landscapes but they also have spiritual signifiance to the artist who often dreams of supernatural turquoise bays. The orange stands for both fire and sun: life force.
Julia Swaby is a passionate British painter with international exposure. Before becoming an artist, she taught Philosophy of Mind and Psychology for over fifteen years, until her passion for abstract painting surpassed her interest in academia. Working from the belief that colour is life, she composes works that appear saturated in vivid colour and free in their formlessness.

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