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Ceramic lighting and vessels and wall pieces imbued with a sense of discovery. Balancing design and craft ceramicist Anna Thomson explores the intrinsic qualities of vitreous clay bodies and the potential role of new technologies and industrial processes within a craft context.
Inspired by architecture, memory and the passing of time Anna’s pieces explore themes of repetition, variation, duality and erosion with sharp geometries and soft curves in a muted monochrome palette. Her work captures a beauty in the new and the worn, the exposure of hidden layers and complexity of form.
From her quiet Sussex studio new explorations with a modular mould developed using 3D printing is enabling Anna to produce a series of experimental pieces with multiple profiles; in harmony, in discord or vying for attention whilst possibilities of a new soft erosion technique which produces an intriguing felt-like quality is also explored.
In November 2020 Anna won an award from Design Nation and is now a member of their portfolio showcasing some of the most acclaimed and innovative designers and craftspeople from across the UK.
Anna has previously designed collections for manufacture that have been stocked worldwide with retailers such as Liberty, Conran, Harrods and DKNY as well working on commissions for interiors.

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