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Born 1961 Burton-on-Trent and grew up on the West Coast of Scotland. Foundation Course at Cumbria College A&D Carlisle

BA Hons Graphic Design Leicester Poly specialising in Film, Animation and TV graphics.

Worked freelance for many animation companies in the 80’s and finally as a Creative Director making TV and radio commercials for the music industry.

Moved to Rye 1994 and discovered a love of printmaking through an adult education class at Hastings College from 2002.

Although usually known as a printmaker, my work is now made using drawing, painting and printmaking methods on paper, often using metallic pigment to enhance details of my pieces.
Inspired by ice entrapment, snow, the last strip of sun on the sea, rockpools, and reflections. In printmaking I work in many levels of ink to create intensity and depth, and make watery layered images with a translucence and luminosity unique to the method and perfect for my subject matter.

I am often on the coast at Pett Level and Dungeness, using found objects and feathers dipped in ink to make my drawings with collage, sea water, salt

I am about to start an MA in Fine Art at Brighton looking at mark making in relation to breathing and meditation in a coastal environment, the marks we make on the land when we walk, and the use of gathered earth pigments and chalk in my printmaking.

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