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In my ceramic work, I find inspiration in nature and faraway places. Through experimentation with ceramic techniques, form, and scale, I create ornamental yet functional objects. In my current collection, titled Shades of Stone, I have made a series of moon jars or flattened orbs that encompass a soft and natural palette with textural differentiation similar to rocks and stones often found or seen in my local environment. Working with different clay bodies and glazes, I have discovered that the addition of my own home-dug wild clay heightens the overall desired effect and adds to the unique surface decoration, firmly rooting my work into its origins.
A collection of vessels made during the winter and after a heavy snowfall was inspired by the eerie stillness that came with it. Using slips and a palette knife to portray the bleakness of the woodland has given the process of making these pots quite a visceral feeling allowing each one to be completely different and unique. Over the years I have worked with many forms, from photography to printmaking. However, the immediacy of ceramics keeps pulling me back to the tactile process of making pottery. I am hoping that over time my creations will gradually converge with the idealised images I carry in my mind’s eye, inching ever closer toward the elusive mirage that is my own personal vision of aesthetic purity.

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