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Oska Lappin was born on the Pacific North West coast of America and spent the first ten years of her life submerged in the hippy counterculture. Resurfacing, her formative years were spent in New England and East Coast cities. Oska’s foremost influences come from comics, punk, Hitchcock, and German Expressionism. Her work is often described as being somewhere between George Grosz and Robert Crumb; hard-bitten and dirty. She bought a one-way ticket to London and settled in Hackney in 1993 and has lived on the South Coast for the past 18 years, which she finds to be a constant source of inspiration.

‘Oska Assessed’ by Alex Dreisler Constant re-invention is within the work - Oska is story telling, the ancient art of tall tales; drawing herself as the main character, fictions that reveal truth. She steals ideas and roles from the mundane and marvelous everyday disposable society that infiltrates the mind. Contradictions are a key part of the “Role-Play” at the heart of the work. “I jump from subject to subject in speaking and tend to do that in my work.”
From the random subjects her work throws up something esoteric, obscure and present - something new emerges by chance.
Alex Dreisler is Professor of Modern Cultural Studies at London University and author of ‘The Underground Chronicles’.

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