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Polly Horner is both artist and storyteller, a creator of dreamlike illustrations. Born in Dorking, Surrey grew up in Essex. Now lives in Rye. Graduated from Chelsea School of Art with a B. A Honors Degree in Fine Art. Polly worked in the art world in London, New York, and Paris before writing and illustrating her first children's book, Polly and the North Star, which won the BOOKTRUST Early Years Award for Best New Illustrator.
"I love the process of writing and illustrating picture books. Sometimes ideas for a story come from something someone says or something I see. Sometimes it is inspired by someones's character or a child's circumstances. My first picture book Polly and the North Star, came from a childhood memory. At least that is where it began. Sometimes ideas are gift's from another place. I can see the story in its entirety like a picture but I map it out like film stills."
After completing a successful series of illustrations for board games and card games commissioned by Magma for Laurence King Publishing. Polly is currently working on her latest book, COLOUR BIRD, an early years book about colour for children.
"Polly Horner...combines truth and Magic in a strange and striking way..." Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times.

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