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St Leonards- on - Sea

My Work
Well it has revolted recently. The abstracts of past years have been (largely) replaced by a more urban and lively output. And it's becoming increasingly varied. I work across a number of themes concurrently. My recent work has been centered around history, place and politics with works concerning, amongst other things war, separation, and our little boy soldier Kim Jong Un.
Generally I work in mixed media including collage on canvas and on paper working across a number of themes concurrently. Most works have some element of printmaking or transference (first love). I am continually drawn to mark making in this way as it provides a separation between me and the subject which seems to enable a sedimented idea to come to the the fore subconsciously.
I have long been thinkig of a series about endagered animals but have lacked the twist. Now I find that I needed to go right back to cave painting and primative dipictions. These works are part of ongoing work in the animal kingdom and look at animals which have gone extinct, those in danger like the Gorilla and those that we might not think about as being endangered. Like say the horse (and in fact the Rider) now that they are not part of the fabric of our daily lives. No longer “needed who knows what will happen in the future.

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