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Whilst illustrating, Adams put on the occasional one-man show. When the illustration work began to fall off, he took the decision to quit illustration completely and become a full-time artist. He now exhibits at galleries in Burford, Devon and Rye.

Richard Adam’s work expresses his love of the English countryside, vernacular architecture, gardens, farms, the seashore and people. With Adam’s work, between observation and execution of the finished pictures, many strange and idiosyncratic processes take place. Liberties are taken with time; past and present merge to form a halcyon age somewhere mid-twentieth century, or was it only yesterday? Adam’s characters, while at first appearing to be involved in the mundane day to day, always have a hint of something underlying, some other worldly agenda.

Adams lives in Playden, near Rye with his partner and two daughters. He works in Rye.

Member of Rye society of Artists.

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