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Apophenia, or patternicity, is characterised by seeing patterns in unrelated things. Felicity
draws plants in minute detail within loosely planned formations, which are linked to the
cyclical rhythms of nature. Early on in her career she worked as a museum cataloguer,
especially enjoying archiving historical wallpaper, fabric and ephemeral artefacts. This
archiving and documenting experience collides with her love of historical botanical
drawings. Her aim is to capture the essence as well as the form of the botanical subjects.
Within her work, she seeks to memorialise and patternise flowers. Her work has a clear
connection to the climate emergency, representing a sort of lullaby or prayer of hope that
these flowers will survive into the next millennia.
Felicity is an artist and writer based in Cornwall. She trained as an illustrator at Falmouth
University, graduating in 2017. Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator and
writer, her clients including the National Trust, Lincolnshire Museum, the Shipwreck
Treasure Museum, Bodmin Keep and the Royal Cornwall Museum. Her first nature based
children's book, which she wrote and illustrated was published in 2021.

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