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My art comes about as an attempt to bridge the gap between the external world and the inner,
with painting offering me a way to locate, map, configure and realise a way of connecting to
others and transgress the verbal. My work is process led and inspired by nature - the aim of it
being to find something out through exploring and testing. Symbolically, the pieces ‘emerge’ in
the same way a plant or flower might grow with colour, shape, mark, pattern, surface and light
being comprehended and felt out in relation to space and in relation to time.
Because drawing underpins my approach to painting, the dynamic matched with the media offers
a tactile, humane, spontaneous and sensual language which reflects something of the way I feel
about the here and now; and or, the there and then. I think of my pieces as marker points in time,
spaces created out of clumsy translations, false starts, histories and the navigation new spaces;
the conclusions of which I hope others may be able to take something from.

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