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My name is Michelle Okines (MO), I grew up between lush mountains in the Gold Coast QLD Australia. I have created since I could hold anything in my hands, home schooled in the "bush", I had much freedom to imagine & enjoy. I worked as a self employed bookkeeper working with incredibly creative, lovely humans for years in Sydney. I'm a wife, stepmum, sister, daughter & friend.
I live in Hastings UK, which is a unique & interesting seaside town, much creativity brews here. I got very sick in the last 10 years, and whilst this has taken so much from me, it has also allowed me to think creatively again, imaginatively, with no bars or preconceived expectations. It's a wonderful freedom & rush that I enjoy sharing with my fellow creators & friends.
I carefully collect ideas like a Bower Bird. My work is simple yet imaginative, child like yet elegant. I work sometimes wildly fast, sometimes slowly with intension. I love knowing my work can live another life with you

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