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I live and practice painting, full time in Rye, East Sussex, UK

My desire is to create a balance between an emotional experience with the perception and harmonious placing of the paint to its surface.

The images are often best described as figure landscapes, the two themes intertwine to form an imaginary narrative. Mid 20th Century painters such as Keith Vaughan, Peter Lanyon,(British) Richard Diebenkorn (American) and the figure sculptures of Elisabeth Frink, (British) are an influence among many abstract figurative artists.

I find inspiration from literature, stories and film. These form the basis of my collective imagery alongside my personal journals.

I will search for the strange and unusual, the dramatic and thought provoking, in the collecting of images. The entirely random pictures form a basis for design, as in a lost transcript.

A human figure or figures as the focal object, can be both real or imagined. They form part of an inner world which is firmly rooted in my childhood, at times a repetition of early trauma and disassociation. Since those early years of my life, painting has enabled me to have a voice and provide a place of protection and emotional growth.

Aside from introspection, there are many perspectives to a tactile painterly surface, as an outward response to nature, it is continually re-inventing the senses within itself.

Victoria Elisabeth Kiff

Fine Artist/Painter
Born 16th June 1974
Thames Ditton, Surrey, England


Art Foundation, Kingston University 1992-93
BA Fine Art Painting, Central St Martins School of Art, London, 1993-96


First solo exhibition, Works on Paper, 2009, Commercial Street London EC1
The Captain’s Letters 2010, Miscellanea Flesh as Stone, 2011
Vessels, 2013, Eleven Spitalfields Gallery London E1
Hyphaemia Story and Verse, The Stables Theatre Gallery, Hastings, East Sussex
Collections with JP Art Contemporary, Dulwich, Blackheath, Battersea, Mayfair, London
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Collections with Someth1ng Gallery, Honor Oak Park, London
Collections, Art Fairs, London, New York, represented at Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Brighton and Hove
Solo exhibition, Metamorphose, Cameron Contemporary Art 2018
Solo exhibition, Synaesthesia, Cameron Contemporary Art, 2020
Solo exhibition, Marshland, Cameron Contemporary Art, 2021


House and Garden In The Frame by Emily Tobin Winter 2014
Royal Academy of Arts Winter edition 2013
The Resident Kensington and Chelsea Dec 2014
Financial Times Magazine May 2015

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