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Current: Aqua

Here in Rye we are constantly aware of the joy that our local range of beaches and rivers bring to both residents and visitors alike.
Whether you prefer a gentle view of the Military Canal, running through the Marshlands, or the craggy cliffs of Pett Level, amusing Hastings beachfront, or the ramshackle debris of dungeness, we have a beach for all.

Many of us find solace and inspiration from the local bodies of water and are in awe of the seas.

Currently approximately 71% (326 million trillion tons) of earth is covered by water in some form, and it is invaluable to all life forms here. Ours is the only planet to have oceans of liquid water on its surface and without it, all human, animal and plant forms would perish. Only 3% of the water is freshwater and it is becoming rarer thanks to climate changes and the evaporation of water in the atmosphere.

Over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, with a further 2.5 billion finding water scarce at periods during the year.
If our current consumption continues, the situation will get worse, and by 2025 two thirds of the world’s population will suffer a shortage of water.
We should be celebrating how lucky we are to have this substance so close to our habitats. It is a crime to waste such a gift and to not embrace its gigantic part in our survival and leisure.
Go swim, paddle, view, but most of all turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth!! :)

This Group exhibition is a celebration of a coastal way of life, from swimmers enjoying a bracing dip on boxing day, to a solemn figure gazing out at a still pond, contemplating. The exhibition comprises of 14 different artists and their take on ‘aqua’ something which is a necessary part of our everyday lives and widely celebrated throughout Rye and its surrounding areas.

Past: OPEN CALL 2022

We are proud to present our inaugural open call Exhibition.
Our call went out back in January and to our delight, we had a global response from both established and emergent Artists.
The panel then had the pleasure of narrowing down our choices from the hundreds of submissions.
The final selection come from a broad range of disciplines;
Painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, glass, embroidery, mixed discipline & photography.
We hope you will enjoy visiting this diverse and exciting collection of national and international works of art.