I am interested in incidental and everyday emblems that we recognise and identify with; that we think we know and understand. Placed within a different context they take on a new life: sometimes rhyming with, or sparking against each other; sometimes whimsical, sometimes weighty. 

These drawings are part of an ongoing body of work exploring clouds. I am interested in the inherent tensions and contradictions between a cloud’s solid sculptural appearance and its light, ephemeral reality.


The drawings are an attempt to pin down and render permanent that which is fleeting, evasive, elusive. The choice of using painstaking marks on solid wooden blocks to capture the subject matter aims to emphasize this contradiction.


Lindsay Connors is a British artist who lives and works in East Sussex and teaches Fine Art and Printmaking in Kent. She has exhibited mainly in London and the South East. 

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Cloudscape Triptych