Lucy Pook is an artist living and working between Kent and London. Peripatetic in both location and medium, her work sits outside a classic media-based approach, connected through the poetry of a visual Chinese whispers.

Found objects and images, strung together with word association, create an ‘exquisite corps’ of outcomes. Drawing without looking at the page, binding together phrases over-heard, with disembodied, highly refined, yonic pencil drawing, skip to boldly coloured negative space and/or the absence of object.

‘Magpie-ing’ her way through her artistic practice, Lucy has one object…to pay attention. To scrutinize the world around her and make links….’Whisht Woman’ the title of her most recent work, a phrase remembered from an old boyfriend, mimics the sound of a fan fluttering with erotic anticipation.

Obsessed with certain people, places, perfectly designed objects, and a nostalgia for places she has never been…..Debra Winger, Novia Scotia, the Opinel knife, Lucy has a conversation with us about the wonder of the World, from popular culture to idiosyncratic pleasures.

‘Love Island’ becomes a fertile ground for abstraction, the transcription of an entire episode, minus the punctuation renders the narrative a stream of conscientiousness poem of beautiful nonsense, the summer of the 2019 ‘Under-boob’ phenomena becomes the basis for an abstract play with the notion of colour palette.

Lucy’s work is playful and inquisitive, and not to be taken seriously….apart from when it is.