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Fiona Morley

Fiona Morley

At the heart of my work is drawing, an obsession since early childhood. However, I discovered my love of working 3 dimensionally at Edinburgh School of Art and went on to complete my degree in Sculpture.

I then felt the need to marry both disciplines together and my work developed into a linear or ‘drawn’ sculpture; I achieve this with wire as the line can be taken off the page and into space.

The effect of wire drawn in space is an ephemeral one, ghostly. This fragile presence resonates with me in the knowledge that nothing ever lasts. It appears somewhere between the solid state and nothingness, which I feel to be a more accurate view on reality.

I spend a lot of time reflecting on our consciousness, psychology and spirituality, in particular the concept of non-duality, that is, the inter-connectedness or the One nature of all things.

I am ever fascinated by the ways we relate to ourselves and to all life. Faces tend to appear again and again in my work, and they symbolize my exploration into our human-ness.

Natural forms, animal, bird and plant life intertwine within the human form, which is a reminder of our own connectedness to all of life, where, especially in these times, we tend to separate our human selves from nature to our ultimate detriment.

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