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Mark Dyball

Mark Dyball

I have been taking photographs since the early 1980’s. Certainly, from a European perspective, the most important aspects are composition and the frame around, what is left in and what is left out and with the advent of digital photography i finally found a way to make a complete photograph, just the way i wanted, when i pressed the button.

My inspiration when starting a painting is 99% from a photograph taken by myself. I want to make that photograph into a beautiful object which exists in its own place. I used to think what is the point of making something which already exists in my head? the only answer is the doing is the all that matters. Without it the next step would always be impossible. Through the making process the paintings change, colours don’t exist on their own, they effect other colours profoundly.

There is a melancholy which my paintings exude, they are stripped of all that is unimportant in telling my story and what is left is vital to understanding my aesthetic.

My subject matter is bound up in the beauty of architecture, the effect a considered building can have on our soul, that the human race is capable of producing lasting contemporary beauty but ultimately there is only one winner. nature.

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