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Anirban Mishra

Most of my works are representing the landscape. From the very beginning, I started making landscape paintings. My paintings are not a single painting, they are a journey. I represent self experience through my work. A few years ago my area was a small village, now it is a large city, I observe lots of transformations. Before modern constructions there were many small houses, green landscapes, water bodies. Now we have lost them, everything has disappeared with the advent of big constructions, modern city planning. Many factories started, black smoke starts to gather in the sky. The green landscape turns into a desert, I found only barren land. The culture and society's habits also changed, people are diluted into the heavy traffic of modern culture. Their life becomes boring, exhausting. In the present society, everything is surrounded by vibrance and jubilance, and everyone indulges in this busy lifestyle. But, at the end of every day, every human being is somehow lonely, despite being amidst a busy a busy daily schedule. It's become an illness in our society. Due to the present situation loneliness is highly increasing in our daily life. All are exhausted, felt into deep anxiety. The whole society became monochromatic. Only the buildings raise their heads from the foggy dead barren land. I dreamed of colourful nature, many colours appear in my dream, I tried to interpret my dream with reality and represent it throughout my work, however all the colours became monochromatic. It represents sadness and the colourless human soul. I like to use a a European colour palette with an Indian figurative style, it represents the dual character of my works. My eyes are vividly exhausted to see the suffering, pain and loss. My works are consistently restrained, presenting part of the story or one suggestive aspect. I put many clues in my work, but with no specific answer, I force the viewer to complete the narrative. I work with pen, ink, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. By using a range of media it helps me to represent my imagery and it has the power to create my lines and expressions which can make an iconic image.

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