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Ariba Akhlaque

The death of a parent shatters you but at the same time it makes you stronger. In order to keep our relationship intact with the people we have lost, we tend to cling to things, ordinary objects, that were once associated with them. This state of bereavement is communicated through personal belongings that hold deep meaning and significance. Such objects elicit deliberate or involuntary memories of a place, a culture, a relationship or events of the past. This body of work celebrates cherished memories and lost moments evoked by things from the past that we keep with us.

Belongings of a loved one, a dried rose, motia phool or a gajra have also been an essential element of the work; depicting how time elapsed but the emotional connotations attached to some objects remains forever. In essence, my work is about personal loss, grief and time which I have attempted to show through documenting objects in different ways which resonate with the language of nostalgia.

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