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David Slack

David W Slack is a painter and animator, painting mostly in oil and oil pastel, David has had training in ceramics and printmaking, silversmithing and stained glass, always interwoven with his painting practice. 

David has exhibited and sold his work in galleries in London and on the south coast In Rye, Hastings and the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. 

“My paintings aim to make flesh comic but shadowy evocations of warmly remembered childhood icons and plant them down firmly in disparate landscapes drawn from fragments of art history.”

The paintings pivot on the idea of invoking feelings of familiarity and unfamiliarity that can be sparked by unexpected emotional contrast, in subject of course, but also in the notion of light and dark, joy and sorrow, layered memory.   

There is a dreamlike quality to the work - we know these characters well, but they are not quite how we are used to seeing them. A bit less polished perhaps, gritty and corporeal. 

So my body of work is effectively an historical, psychological and emotional collage, and the painting attempts to unify the seemingly discordant ideas into a harmonious and luminous whole.

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