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Jane Lee

I am a painter and a writer constantly exploring the world through my practice. I research painting as an ongoing experiential field that physically connects people’s minds. For me, canvas is a site that can reveal deep emotions and social complications in human relationships. I want to rigorously challenge my painting in both material and concept to create a tactile connection in a touch crisis world. My works explore the relationship between people, objects and spaces I encounter. I create a scene that can derive a story and atmosphere about uncertainty and social role that can be observed in daily life. 

Storytelling has always been at the core of all my creative activities. My practices are based on converting stories into visual and verbal language through paintings and poetry. What I like about painting is that the process of painting, making colours and brushstrokes, places me closer to the narrative. The images are composed of figurative space or people, but some parts are interpreted abstractly through flattening. To avoid a particular characteristic or a fixed emotion, faces are erased, and spaces are blurred. The flattened image leaves room for engagement of thoughts and a closer approach to the viewer. 

From different areas within Seoul to overseas, me and my family have a long history of moving, even until recently. I always had a sense of illusionary nostalgia for non-existing permanent home. Having a strong desire to capture the relationship with passing people and spaces that felt like evaporating, painting has been a means of mapping myself to the moment. My current practice focuses on my relationship with home and the shift in my identity have gone through changing culture and environments. Today, we are experiencing overlapping, floating, fragmented identities through the digital world no matter where or who we are. By investigating my relationship with the space, I search for intricate and veiled subconscious intruded by the digital layer. Even after we get over the pandemic, the context of human relationships will change forever. Through my paintings, I want to constantly reflect human emotions, while never stopping to doubt the visible reality.

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