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Silas Oo

The self, in the Jungian archetypal sense, is something I struggle a lot with. Identity brings me great discomfort and I often feel like a stranger in my own skin. 
Deconstructing the self, the psyche; emotions, feelings and thoughts; I found solace in reconstructing anatomy into what I find aesthetically pleasing and to accept the self and its own subconscious.
Silas Oo (b. 1996)  a multidisciplinary artist based in Malaysia. Graduated in a Diploma in Fine Arts from The One Academy. Silas works with various mediums, with a particular interest in the integration of philosophy, psyche and the human condition.
Working with more macabre imagery, art is earnest and true, attempting to describe the indescribable with visuals that makes one feel. Anger, sadness, pain, happiness, shame, lust, contempt. A certain lucidity is needed to describe the soul, the psyche. The push and pull between control and the subconscious; what makes us human.
Aside from art, Silas also make a living by modelling for runways and editorials — this unique position also puts him directly in the whirlwind of contemporary image-making culture as well as fashion and textiles. Thus becomes conceptions which he interrogate deeper within himself and his art.

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